Child Support Enforcement Not Helpful At All

NCP owes over 30k in arrears, lives in GA, but somehow evades GA child support enforcement every year. He is in 9 contempt's of court, and the last court order was for him to be picked up and incarcerated, yet GA Child Support Enforcement does nothing. Yet, they have threatened to close my case several times because they state they are "unable to locate him". OF course, people lie, return mail stating "not at this address" since they are trying to evade child support. Why are they sending letters and not the police???

He is seen all the time in local areas! I could even call the police myself when seen, but the order was never sent to the sheriff dept for pick up. Why won't child support enforcement follow the judge court order and send to the sheriff to pick up the NCP. At least get a warrant for his arrest - but they won't, because they say they have to have a deliverable address first. Why???!!! So many men pay their child support and can't get by not paying - yet this one CSE just lets slip thru the cracks because the arrears are so high. Some of us single mothers work very hard to support our children, the little extra is NEEDED. What can I do?

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