Child Support Children Have More Rights

My husband had an affair 18 years ago and produced 2 children at that time. He has been paying child support and is not behind. The mother of the these children never took my husband back to court until a month ago. I am very ill and can only work part time now. My husband works year round, but 3 months out of the year he has a lot of overtime. During this period we try to catch up with our late bills. We live paycheck to paycheck. He was paying $80.00 per week in support for a total of around $4,300.00 per year. We have 3 boys of our own. The oldest one is away at college and survives off student loans and working.

I have the other 2 still living at home. She took him to court the other day and was awarded $250.00 per week. Now we will be paying her $12,000 a year. This has pulled the rug out from underneath us. Our lives have changed since January of 2010 dramatically, because of my disease. We now have huge doctor bills and medication to purchase. It takes all of our checks as it is. The mother of the children makes almost $10,000 dollars more a year than my husband as well. Bottom line is. Why do the courts not consider the children that are living with a parent that has to pay child support. Now my children have $50.00 dollars to eat on a week. That includes me and my husband. How is that fair. There are other lives involved. Were are my children's rights at.

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