Child Support Cancellation

by Michael

Hello there, my name is Michael and I am a father of a six year old. I am not the custodial parent and I have been paying child support from day 1; her mother and I have agreed that I am not longer going to be child support. She has called the local attorney generals office here in TX to submit for cancellation of my child support.

At the present time I am still paying child support but the money that is going to her she is giving right back to me. My daughters mother and I have been with my daughter the same amount of time throughout my daughters young life; out of 14 days we both have her 7 days but not straight so therefore we have unofficial joint custody. Being that we agreed to get off of child support is it simply that is as to just sign a paper and the payments are killed or is thee much more than that?

Also I have stressed concern about my daughter's mother just picking up and going and being that I am the noncustodial I asked her for a written court order saying she cannot physically move. she stated as much as I care and as much as she cares for our daughter she would not do that to me. I asked her so if you leave than you are going to leave my daughter; she stated yes but here is the thing...I am not leaving.

She further stated that she is willing to sign a paper to drop all court orders and take me off child support because again the both of us are deeply involved in our daughters life and I am there for my daughter much more than every other weekend and on Wednesdays. My question is: it is as simple as signing a paper and all is well? what do you recommend?

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by: Anonymous

what was the outcome of your findings? i am in a similar situation

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