Child Support Behind And On Probation

by Caitlin
(Dry Ridge, KY, United States)

My ex husband walked out on my daughter and I when she was four weeks old. When we went to court for divorce, custody and child support we agreed that I was the custodial parent, he would get her every Friday from 9am-6pm with supervised visitations because of prior drug use and lack of knowledge about infants, and that he would pay me $101.90 every week.

My daughter is now 4 months old and he's only picked her up for his visits 3 times. Two out of the three times he has made comments about her breasts and fondled them in front of me.

With the questions going through my mind about the fact that he's doing that in front of me so what's he doing behind my back I have filed for his visitation rights to be suspended. He has also not paid me any child support so I also filed that he be found in contempt of court. We go back to court in two weeks and he'll be over $1000 behind. Like I mentioned in my title, my ex is already on probation for a class d felony for five years.

I am just curious to what might happen to him when we go back to court. I've noticed that my daughter is more happy when he is not around and I would really just like him to sign his rights over to me, I can handle my situation financially with out his help but the stress of what he might be doing to my daughter while he has her is killing me.

The lifestyle he has started to live after we split up is not the kind of life I want my daughter to witness while growing up. Any advice or answers?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Caitlyn,

It sounds like you are doing the right thing. You want your daughter to be safe. Have you filed any papers officially with the court?


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