Child Support Automatically Drafted To Bank Account

by T.D.
(Los Angeles, CA)

My ex husband lives in Tennessee, I live in California with our two children and my husband who is active duty military.

I gave my ex written notice that he had 30 days to protest our moving out of the state of Tennessee and he never took any action. He has since remarried a woman with two small children. In 2005, he took me to court to modify child support form 1425 to 806 dollars, claiming a reduction in income.

He now owns two houses, new cars, 20 acres of land, horses, etc, but is claiming he is unable to pay child support. He told my oldest daughter on the phone that "he doesn't pay that anymore".

He works as a car sales manager for a Cadillac dealership, and he claims that I will never be able to have the child support deducted from his check.

Should I seek a modification, and will I be able to achieve automatic draft?


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