Child Support Arrears

by Jessica
(Las Vegas, NV )

My ex-husband is in arrears over $30,000.00. His DL has already been suspended. Prior to two weeks ago he was paying child support at $121 a week taken from his Unemployment check. Since I have not received child support in the last 2 weeks I am assuming he is not getting unemployment. I want to take him to court to get my arrears or force the issue of jail time to force his hand. Is this an option for me?

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by: Anonymous

Hi, Jessica,I live in Florida and like you have been through a lot with my ex regarding child support. All you need to do, is file contempt of court. You can do this yourself and it's easy, the people at the court house will help you.

If you cannot afford the filing fee, ask them for an indigent status form, if you make little money, if you qualify the filing fee is free,in Florida the filing fee is $50. Just list on the contempt papers what he has not followed in the original court order.

After you file it usually takes several months to get a hearing date. Since his arrears are so high, the judge will most likely try and put him in jail at the hearing, but this is no guarantee, each judge is different, and depends on a lot of factors at the time of the hearing.

If your ex typically upsets the judge he will probably see a jail cell. Also you are not in contempt if at the hearing he can cough up the money for a purge amount. I know this sucks, but the judge will never tell the NCP to pay the full arrears no matter what the amount. Usually it's 10-30 percent of the total arrears, unless the judge feels he can pay more.

He will also typically set up a payment arrangement also at the hearing, and if he doesn't follow it, just file contempt again, every time you are found in contempt the more you spend in jail each time. I hope this helps! Best of Luck!

by: Anonymous

How will jail time solve this problem??!!.... Ridiculous... Absolutely ridiculous.....


by: Denise

He's not making payments due to unemployment and his lack of income. So you think its best to have him put in jail. Are you not able to support your kids yourself? Do the kids see their father or are you the type that just want the money? Did this man want children with you or did you fool him into have children with you. Was he a great man before the kids or where you aware what type of man he was? Honestly you set yourself up for all of the craziness. You can not make a man be a father or take responsibility for children he never wanted with you. Stop depending on this man to help you take care of your children and be a woman take care of them. Move on with your life. Take responsibilities for your actions in this story. You American women are so weak and dit-witt.

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