Child Support Arrears Sold As An Annuity For A 3rd Party

Say you are owed $20,000 from the non-custodial parent for previous non-payment of child support and the judge enters an order for regular payments plus an additional amount to go towards satisfying the arrears. Unless you waive the arrears out of the goodness of your heart, this is a guaranteed debt owed to you, right? Aside from sitting by for the next 70 years collecting $10 at a time, is it possible or even legal to 'sell' that 'annuity' to a third party for a lump sum? Every day I see advertisements from firms who purchase recurring payments from people who have been awarded money by the courts from such things like accident insurance or other guaranteed annuities, so I wonder: is it possible to work out some similar arrangement regarding child support arrears?

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Don't Think So
by: Child Support America Team Member


We have never heard of child support arrears being sold as an annuity to a third party resource. We don't think this is possible because in many situations it can be very difficult for the third party to collect the back child support.

On the other hand anything is possible. You would have to do some serious research on the matter or speak with an attorney regarding this issue.



Ready to Assist
by: Anonymous

I am also a single parent who is receiving the same child support $10 arrear payment. The total is $13,000 I would gladly sell it for $10,000. And allow a structured annuity program to buy it. If you have any ideas on how we can get this started I am sure there are plenty of single parents considering the same issue.

email me

by: Anonymous

I am owed $51,037.00 in child support arrears. My son's father works as independent contractor and also has a business that posted $100,000 annual sales. Can anyone please buy this debt for a fraction of the amount owed? I need $10,000 get my house out of foreclosure!

arrears court ordered
by: Anonymous

anybody find anyone to buy arrears court order child support

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