Child Support Arrears Owed To State Of New Jersey And Cash Assistance Over

by Sick and Tired

I am the party that is to receive child support. The father lives in another state. After a long ordeal, they found him, paternity was verified, hearing is done and his support order is in. It took awhile for my state to get the info and then add it to the system.

I had been sick and I am trying to look for work because instead of taking classes I would make more just working in my field (only thing is I have to forego my treatments to work). So as I job hunt I was sanctioned so I never received full cash assistance. I have been seeing my doctors and specialist while trying to find work.

With cash assistance limited it is difficult to get non food items like bus fair for myself and daughter. She now takes the bus so that expense just about wipes out all the cash. The cash assistance finally ended and there is arrears owed to myself and the state. The support ordered amount is what I would have received had

I not been sanctioned. My question is now that the payments are coming, do I receive a portion of the money since now I have no cash and I can barely get my daughter to school, me to the doctors and job interviews?

I do know the amount coming is enough but also allows me to still receive FS and Medicaid until I am working. If the state gets paid first it maybe a while and I will not be able to get my daughter to school or finish getting the school supplies she needs. I would just like to know how bad a struggle this is going to be.

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Contact Case Worker
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Sick And Tired,

Thanks for contacting us and we are sorry for your situation. You should contact your child support case worker. They should know how much money is owed to you versus the state of New Jersey. Also if you are no longer receiving benefits from the state you should receive a portion of your child support payments immediately. Again, check with your CSEA for details.


Thank You
by: Sick and Tired

Thank you so much for the quick response. I like the site because the web is huge and sometimes it is difficult to know what applies or doesn't from state to state. It gives a starting point for some people. Then when you go to see case workers you can come with a little knowledge too to help. People get overworked and sometimes information is lost or not relayed but knowing what to ask and what the rules are can make the difference.

Thank you again.

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