Child Support Arrears Moblie Alabama

by Saul
(Mobile, Alabama)

I received correspondence from dhr/ocse stating that i owed arrears in the amount of six thousand dollar a couple of years ago. Since then i have paid that amount down to twelve-hundred and fifty dollars. they set me up on a twenty-five dollar per week ($100.00 per month) payment plan. I have not missed a payment in those two years, yet i am still being harassed daily by their debt collection department. I am currently living in Alabama, but the child support order is in Georgia.

The child involved is now twenty-six years old. Question: when i completely pay off the twelve-hundred dollars that they call arrears will i be finished with the office of child support enforcement and my obligation? Also, what is the stature of limitation on collecting arrears in Georgia?

PS. I am very suspicious of them because of their harassment tactics such as breaking into my car, getting me terminated at one job, using people who threaten my life, and child support enforcement obstruction of justice when i tried to swear out a warrant against the individual who threaten my life.

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Saul,

If Georgia Child Support is stating that the $1200 is all your back support, then yes you should be done paying it off. However, you may want to consider calling whomever is in charge of your case and getting that in WRITING. For your own protection. Ask to be faxed documentation and records of all monies paid to date and your balance due. You are entitled to these records because they are yours. If they refuse to send you records then contact an attorney. Have you received any legal advice since you were contacted about this back support?


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