Child Support Arrears in Summit County Akron Ohio

by Robert Gilley
(Akron Ohio)

I owe rearages from as far back as 2001. My child support order was made while i was incarrcerated, and naturally iwas not present. Since then i have owed as much as 29,000 dollars due to back support and interest. My kids are now in there 20's and i still owe 17'000 dollars, my Ex wife will never forgive the arrears, how can i get a reduction in my arrear amount weekly. I do not have the $ for a attorney and free legal aid is not free here in Akron Ohio they base it on your gross monthly income and you have to be poverty stricken to be eligable, my wife is unemployed and this arrearage payment is more than i can bare. Please help in Akron Ohio. Robert Gilley

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