Child support arrears in 2 states

My husband had an child support arrears balance with the state of Colorado Family Support Registry. We moved to Albuqerque, and filed a motion because his ex-wife was refusing to let him see the kids. Somehow or another the state of New Mexico decided they needed to enforce child support, which is fine but in meeting with the state child support attorney we showed that several payment were sent in as tax refund offset that we werent credited by New Mexico but were in fact recieved by the Colorado Family Support Registery. The state of New Mexico said the would take that from the arrears balance.

Fine and good. At this time we set up for the payment to be taken out of my husbands wages with an additional amount to be put towards arrears. Also fine and good. My husband just change jobs and notified the state of the change. They sent us the new paperwork reflecting the change of employer, and we noticed that there was a $1216.45 arrears balances difference between states. I printed out a copy of the COMPLETE payment history from Colorado and sent it to the caseworker. As of yet, have heard nothing. It would seem to me that since Colorado originally established the arrears balance, it would stand to reason that theirs is the correct amt. Or am I wrong?

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