Child Support Arrears And Drivers License Suspension

by DeJones

My husband had three boys in Ohio and had court ordered support of $221 per wk. He paid until 2002 when he had surgery and has not been able to work since. He had arrearages of $21000 and is now being told the state will take his drivers license unless he starts payments again. His youngest child is now 31! He does not even live in Ohio. Can they come to the state he lives in and take his license? What option does he now have?

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Yes they can suspend his license for back support! Have him contact the caseworker and try and set up a payment arrangement to avoid this.


no license no pay
by: mr. boston

it is sad that the men are always wrong even if right, the judges do whatever they can to make sure the man suffers the most, well it is tiime for the laws to change and revamp the antiquated child support system and get a realistic plan for fathers willing to pay and knock off the license game it is not legal

Georgia is a Bully
by: Linda in Georgia

When the State takes away a paying Dad's driver's license so that he cannot work, let's have the State take care of the Dad and all of his children as well. It is time to put an end to this bullying tactic. Simply put, the State of Georgia is using a method called extortion/blackmail/scam.

The State of Georgia wants thousands of dollars in return for a driver's license so Dad can go back to work. The current system only makes matters much worse for the children receiving the child support. Soon there will be NO child support from the parents and the State will be responsible for everyone involved.

This isnt right
by: Anonymous

How do they anyone can support there child when there are no job the economy is down and what lil jobs there are out there how can a person gets there without license so yall leave no way for a father to even try who came up with this method.

I'm sure they have a great paying job so they cant rvrn imagine what the next for without that great paying job they just want the father to suffer what could a dad possibility do behind bar in jail the mother still want be receiving money still what really the point I thought jail wuz for criminals with a record what is the point of all dis its gotta be a different way please tell me a change gone cum.

Been there...
by: Anonymous

My ex rarely made any child support payments in the past 17 yrs since he abandoned the family. I struggled to find employment (was a housewife when he left) initially taking temp work making $8 hr. He told the court he couldn't find a job, they told him he should be able to make at least minimum wage and based his child support off that (approx $50 a mos for two children). I worked two jobs most of the time to support the children on my own.

My ex has had his license revoked because he chose to work under-the-table and not to pay...I think he deserves whatever penalty they give for non-payment. If I chose to neglect my children I would have been sent to prison for child abuse... to this day he is still in arrears to the tune of $30,000+ (which he will never pay).

It's Counterproductive. Period!
by: Disgusted

First off, of course both parents should be held liable for rearing their children. Having said that, I will rant.

If a worker becomes injured, ill or is unable to find adequate work in this already downtrodden economy, they fall behind in support. Fall behind, you are subject to losing the very tool that could increase your chances of gainful employment. This, my friends, is where bureaucracy kicks in.

So, my contention is this: if they take the license away for failure to support, the man (or woman) will become defiant and not pay. They STILL don't pay, imprisonment is imminent. And if the government is willing to imprison for a person failing to pay support with THEIR OWN COUNTERMEASURES in place to prevent it, this should tell any wise person one thought:

Child support is NOT for the kids. Because by taking away a license followed by imprisonment, the government is proving that these children don't really HAVE to be supported. Hence the lower-than-court-ordered state aid.

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