Child Support Arrearages In Ohio And New Mexico

by David

I paid my ex wife child support for a child that I found out when he was 16 that is not my biological son. That support payment ended in June of 2007. PA sent my ex a form that she filled out stating my son would be emancipated in May 2007. Then my ex moved to New Mexico, not informing me of her move even though we have a court order stating she had to give me 30 days notice and a relocation address and number. Once my child support obligation ended I filed for child support for our other son who lives with me in Ohio in June of 2007 through Ohio child support enforcement agency. We could not locate her because she was not living at her last known address, it took 1 year to figure out and locate her in New Mexico. My ex is now stating that our oldest child was not emancipated until December of 2007 because he lived with his grandparents in KS and attended an adult program to get some type of high school degree to join the military. I don't know what this program is but she signed an emancipation form that said he would be emancipated in May 0f 2007. The other problem is that she is saying that the arrears doesn't start until New Mexico received the petition in July of 2008 even though we petitioned for it in June 0f 2007 through Ohio. She is stating that it is New Mexico law to start it in July of 2008 when New Mexico received the petition. This would get her out of paying an entire year of child support and doesn't seem right. If that is New Mexico's law is there any other way to get that year of child support that she owes?

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear David,

Thank you for your questions. You will need to discuss this matter with your caseworker from Ohio. Explain the situation and find out if New Mexico is even involved. Below is some contact information for New Mexico Child Support. You may want to ask questions about this alleged "new law" your ex is referring to. Always do your research.

Customer Service for New Mexico

Out New Mexico

(800) 585-7631

you can check information at this website:

Do you know whether or not a case was filed in New Mexico?

Did you contact an attorney about the money you paid for the child that is not yours?


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