Child Support Arrearages In Eufaula Oklahoma

by Margo

My stepsons Mom who has not had anything to do with him in 2 1/2 years has resurfaced due to charges of contempt on paying child support. She is claiming that her rights were violated when we went to court and she was served on 2 occasions and defaulted. The last and final day of default she even called the court showing she was well aware of the hearing and stated her car had been vandalized but that happened the month before and was brought up in court on a different matter on a protection order. We did verify she was lying and even took pictures of her car showing she did not have 4 flat tires like she told the court.

She has the money for a private attorney and he is trying to vacate the divorce which includes the child support and custody. Even if she some how has the divorce vacated for the second time doesn't she still have a right to pay child support? This is an obvious attempt for her to stay out of jail as when you are found guilty of contempt everyone was being sentenced to a 6 months stayed conviction with a review in 2 months.

This is very frustrating as the money she paid for a private attorney should have went towards child support. DHS is going to file an answer to the petition to vacate and we were advised as well to hire a lawyer. As for the contempt charges the day of her non-jury trial she requested a jury trial. The followinf week on the day of her jury trial she didn't pay the fees so now we are back to a non-jury trial in 2 months. Amazing how people can play the system. Once again will she be responsible for child support if they have the terms of the divorce vacated? Thanks

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Margo,

That will be up to the judge. When you go before the judge your boyfriend needs to make sure that he pleads his case and bring all of this evidence to court. Do you have a court date scheduled yet?


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