Child support arrearages are forgiven so can they be reonstated?

by DAVID "VIP" Member...................................

My child support arrears have been forgiven, however me and my daughters mother have not been seeing eye to eye on visitation. Can she change her mind?

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Back Arrears Forgiven
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello David,

We need to ask you some additional questions regarding your case before giving you an answer. When you say that your back child support arrears were forgiven, was this done in court?

Did this get done through an attorney, and did a judge rule on this matter. We need to know how your arrears were forgiven, and if you have any documentation stating this.

Again, please give us more information about what took place, if the courts were involved and if you have any paperwork stating that your arrears were forgiven.

Also, have you received a current print out of your current child support case to see if the arrears were taken off your case?

Please let us know this information via this post and we will respond back.


VIP Member
by: David

Thank you for the quick response. My arrears were forgiven through a notarized letter. Once it was signed I took it to the state depositary unit, and filed it with my case, additionally I sent a certified copy to the state Child support office. I checked a few days later and they said I had a zero balance.

Back Arrears Forgiven
by: Child Support America Team Member


Based on what you saying, it appears that you can safely be assured that your arrears are forgiven and "cannot" be reinstated.

Having said that, and since we are not attorneys, we do offer the following recommendations.

1. Get a physical print out of your child support summary of payments. Simply request this information from your case worker. Be sure to ask if the ZERO balance shows up on the summary.

2. Always keep the notarized copy saying that the arrears were forgiven for your personal records.

3. Get some free legal advice from a lawyer in your area.

To our knowledge, your child's mother cannot reinstate back child support if it has already been wiped clean in the system.

Also, be sure to establish a COURT ordered visitation schedule to see your child.

If you don't have it court ordered you really don't have any rights. Be sure to check out our visitation and fathers rights pages to the left on our nav bar.

It sounds like you are on the right tract. Take care, and we are here when you need us.


Thanks for putting VIP Member in the comment title, and continue to do so, when you contact us via this post.


Arrearages forgiven
by: Anonymous

What do you have to do to get this forgiveness? I am a college student and was automatically taken for back support. I am just now after school has been out for a month accumulating some of income. And I am being taken to court and they are threatening to take away my license and CNA certification away (my only means for being able to work). I just don't know what else to do.

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