Child Support Arrangements To Get My Passport

by Lonnie
(San Antonio TX.)

I am preparing my self for my company's layoff. I applied for my pass port just in case to go work overseas and I was denied. Currently child support and arrears is being taken out my check through my company's payroll which is good. What kind of arrangements can I make so I can get my pass port approved. I live in the State of Texas.


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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Lonnie,

Thank you for your question. You have to contact an attorney about this matter. Especially that you were already denied. If you have proof that you need your passport for a job or to better your situation then you have a 50/50 chance. How much back support do you currently owe?


Passport Declined
by: Celeste

The last 10 years I've been pretty sick with no medical insurance and unable to work due to my illness. My Passport was recently denied being that I owe $16,000. in child support.
My fiancé Kevin retired from the Air Force here in the U.S. and now resides in Germany. Our plan was In August start making payments for my child support then in October get married which would then allow me to seek medical attention in Germany and the United States. Kevin is willing to pay $1000. a month for 16 months to pay off my child support if they could let my passport be approved. I was told today when I called the Child support case worker in Colorado "all amount owed must be paid in full"

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