Child Support And Visitation Rights

by Ariana Lara
(San Diego, CA)

I have a question regarding child support and visitation rights. I have a 1yr old daughter with an already married man. He was living with me at one point while divorce papers were in process) he however decided to walk out on me the day I told him I was pregnant. After 1yr of planning) to reconcile with his wife, he kept my pregnancy hidden from his wife fearing she would not accept him back.

We DID however keep in touch after he left and were also intimate as I belived everything he told me but most of the time he was very mentally abusive towards me and accused me of causing him problems at home, yet i put up with him.

Our reltionship became more traumatic as months went by to the point that his wife called me unaware of his deceitfulness. A year has gone by, his wife is now aware of my daughter but will not allow him to visit her. When he does see her (not often) he is always in hiding from his wife.

When I have asked him to babysit for me he wont unless its at his home,or under his conditions I dont allow it because I do not feel its a safe environment for my daughter to be around such a selfish,intollerant woman.

He also has made comments pertaining to taking her from me, not giving her back and although She does not tolerate the fact that I have his daughter and that WE have to have some sort of continuing parenting relationship.To my knowledge she has gone as far as crumpleing up a baby picture I gave him. I cannot and will not trust my daughter around someone with her anger issues.

He is not helping me financially either at this point due to his employment status (none). He is not willing to take up childcare expenses by caring for her since it would help me save for other childcare needs. I have tried and tried to help him to enable HIM to help me, but I am just done! I wanted to avoid court proceedings, but at this point its gotta be done.

I am afraid that if I take him to court the judge will order childcare/visitation rights at his home. Also wanted to know how child support is figured out if he is supporting his family? he only has one minor child living at home and two other 20yr and 17 soon to be 18 in dec.

He also became hostile towards me lastnight when I asked him to watch the baby so that I could go out. Please tell me what are my options regarding child support and visitation rights. What can i do what can he be entitled to?

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