Child support and visitation issues

by Leon J
(massillon oh stark )

My name is Leon I've been paying child support for years and my sons mom hasn't been cooperating with the visitation order for years. Every time I speak to anyone they tell me they can't do nothing about it. At one time I didn't have a job and they tried to get me for contempt of court and I told them when they were taking money out of my check B4 that she still wouldn't let me c my sons.

Now's she's trying to move out of town without telling me thank God for her family member telling me. I need help my boys are 12 &10 now is the time my sons need me the most can you tell me what to do or at least steer me to the right path because only God knows how much I truly love my boys. Thank you for your time and help.

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File a motion
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Leon,

You need to file a motion with the courts ASAP. She cannot legally move out of state, IF you have a court ordered visitation order from the courts. Also, you don't need an attorney if you can't afford one. How often do you see your boys?


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