Child Support And Visitation Issues With Dead Beat Dad

My son’s biological father has never paid a dime in child support or visited with him in 4yrs. He has been ordered to pay $50.00 every month because he won't get a job or turn in pay stubs. Every time he lands a new girlfriend he wants to pretend that he wants contact with my son. After the girlfriend leaves him, he drops my son like a hot rock. I started dating a man 3yrs ago and my son has called him dad since he was 2yrs old. My son’s father has paid child support this entire year of 2009 for the first time. In August he was informed that I was getting married. After doing so, he landed another girlfriend and decided to get a lawyer by doing car work for her in exchange for legal services. He left me in a tough spot not being able to afford a lawyer because I was saving for a wedding. Feeling pushed into a corner, I let him have some visitation. Shortly after the visitation started my son was molested by one of my family members. A couple of months later, he pulled a hot pot of BBQ Sauce off the stove and burned his feet. It's now December and I haven't received child support for 2months.

I don't mind letting him visit if the father is following through with his responsibilities but, he's not. I want the father to either pay what he should be paying, plus bringing his balance up to date, or forfeit his rights so we can continue molding our family and home. I’ve been told that I'm in a catch 21 with the abuse my son has suffered plus the fact that if I take the father to court, the father will get more structured visitation. His father and I have not gone to court for visitation because he hasn't taken me and I've been told that he has no visitation rights but, if I stop the already started visitation I'll be taken to court and he'll get more visitation then I allow him now. Why does child support pursue dead beat dads when after a year of not paying child support, the father relinquishes all rights to the child. Why can the father go years without getting a job and continue to slide by with 50.00 a month? Why aren't all non-disabled men and women put at a standard of minimum wage for child support? Why isn't there some type of site that shows all these men running from their responsibility? That would at least detour some of the g/f that hear only his side of this saga, decide they want to call and tell me all about how I should give a little credit to these dead beats.

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Child Support & Visitation Are Not The Same
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your post and we are sorry what has happened to your son. The first thing we need to let you know is that child support and visitation are not one and the same.

This means that your son's father does not have to pay child support to see your son. Also there are no laws that waivers any parental rights to a NCP that doesn't pay child for over a year.

But you were right about your current visitation situation and what your told. If you deny him vistiation he can take you to court and be granted a standard parenting time schedule. This will mean that it will be more structured and he will get more time with your son.

You also memtioned not being able to afford an attorney. We just wanted to let you know that we offer a very low cost legal plan via our VIP memberships program. You can view the details by clicking the vip memberships button to your left.


by: Mike.

The Child Support Laws are one of the great injustices of our society today. For a government to involve itself in the affairs of individual citizens and control parental decisions that should only be determined by the individuals themselves, is beyond the scope of any part of what we represent as a nation. What part of our sacred Constitution allows for a term in prison for a debt, of coarse the courts will argue that it is a contempt of court issue and not the debt itself, but then prior to the civil war the southern juris prudence, while supporting slavery and adherence to the constitution made their argument with similiar absudity.

Blacks were considered two-thirds of a human being and do not qualify, how convenient, but absurd none the less. In regards to the letter in question, I find her hypocrocy boundless. She states that she is just now letting her son see the child {reluctantly} and according to the child support laws that exist in every state that is also a contempt of court, according to the rule she is just as much villain as he, in fact their are many and I mean many cases where an obligee in most cases a woman hides from the obligor and years later sues for back child support. Who is the dead beat in this case?

Dead beat abuse
by: Anonymous

I am in the process of representing children especially in this type of case

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