Child support and visitation in Canton

by terry
(canton, oh , us)

My ex has taken my daughter who is now 13 away from me numerous times. Every time I would find them she would let me start to see her and then she would disappear again. I even hired a private investigator to find her at one point. I got married in 2004 and two months later she stopped letting me see my daughter again. I am up to date on my child support but can not afford to pay for an attorney is there any organization that can help me with visitation rights.

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legal age 12
by: Anonymous

IM am almost positive at the age of 12 she has the right to call you anytime and you can pick her up with out even going thru her mother. I know for sure that 12 is the legal age when she can choose which parent she wants to live with. If she wants to see you then tell her to call. If she doesnt then establish visitation but no i dont know a cheap way to do that. Good luck.

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