Child Support And Spousal Support Order

by Dennis "VIP MEMBER".......................
(Happy Valley, Oregon)

I have been paying child support for 3 years now. It started with both my children then my daughter was dropped 2-1/2 years ago as she graduated high school. (California Law)Of course my support was/is exceedingly high but it went from $1600 down to $1000.

Now they added spousal support of $500+ bringing it back up to $1500 monthly. Support orders are California and I live in Oregon. Assignment is based on income I no longer make. I also have had my hours reduced and was recently diagnosed with cancer so there is also current and future dr. bills. I have all necessary paperwork to request modification but the process is very lengthy and tedious. Is there a trustworthy organization that for a fee handles all this?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Support Order "VIP MEMBER".............
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Dennis,

Lee here.

Thanks for becoming a fast response and VIP member. Please expect a reply from one of our child support specialists with 72 hours.

Always use this thread for future questions and communication, and we will do the same.

Take care, and we will be back in touch shortly.


V.I.P. question

Hello Dennis,

Thank you for your "fast response" question. it sounds like you definitely are in need of a child support modification. You can contact your county local Legal Aid society to see if you qualify for assistance. These are attorneys who take on cases free of charge and help those who qualify based on their income.

If you can afford an attorney, than we suggest you hire one. Attorneys will get the process done much faster than you filing yourself. They will get it before the judge, present not only your income changes but your medical issues as well. It is sad but when you go through the child support system for modifications it can be time consuming.

We wish you well Dennis!

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