Child Support And Sending Clothes

As a non-custodial parent barely making it on my take-home pay, I have little money to pay for my teenage son's clothes. He grows out of his shoes and clothes so quickly, I can barely keep up. I realize that child support is used to cover living expenses and clothes, but since what I pay helps cover the cost, shouldn't my son be allowed to bring clothes for the weekend? My ex refuses to send over anything but the clothes on his back.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your question. It is sad when games are played and the children are used as pawns. We always advise non custodial parents to get EVERYTHING in a court order even the issue of sending clothes. Unfortunately she is not required to send clothes. Have you tried speaking with her directly pertaining to this issue?


You're screwed!
by: Anonymous

Its funny how the system works isnt it? If you lost your job you would just be another dead beat for not paying. But a woman can pop out as many babies as she can not work collect welfare and food stamps and still get the child credit on taxes without a job. And the father cant get his own taxes cuz some slut wanted a baby and to live off the system. Then say your not fit to see your kids and you still have to pay and try to make it on 600 a month. and they wonder why people cant pay.

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