Child Support And Schooling Supplies

by Anonymous

I have a child support order with my ex for weekly pay and she is going to be starting kindergarten in September. He at most only does the minimum on care and support that he can. The child support that i am receiving doesn't even cover the daycare expenses because apparently I am more experienced in my job so i get better pay than he does, and he refuses to find a steady good paying job. So i am struggling as it is to provide for my daughter. I am always packing a bag for her to go there because he refuses to buy her and necessities for her stay with him and things don't always come back with her so therefore i am spending extra for twice as much. He then sends her back with the list and pictures of what she wants for school and tells her that he doesn't want to buy them for her so i need too. He also tells her that if i don't send her with certain things (i.e. swimsuit) that she can't do it. So he makes me look like the bad guy, so my question is would i be in the wrong for asking him for school supply money or would i have to go to court for them to get him to give it to me?

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello, You are not in the wrong for asking BUT he doesn't have to do it. You will need to get a court order for any extras.


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