Child support and my home

My child support hell started when i was in prison.i had a lovely wife and 2 children..i was also very young. Well i was sentenced to prison in 1997 and was there for a year..i was released only to come home get a job to support my family and go to pick up my check and have half of it now i had 3 kids with my wife..i found out that while i was in prison my ex-was claiming i was the father of her 8 yr.old daughter had me declared the father and put on the birth certificate without a blood test or any knowledge of a court date, they set it at 200 a month or 55 percent of my income..i was told i could get it modified because of financial hardship which i did they took it down to 50 a month in 99 i think..well i have 6 kids now with my wife i have been married to for 18 yrs..

I am a very loving father and god fearing man..i also went back to prison for violating parole in 99 and then there was another year of go with the first year of arrearages that i didnt know about from when the order was originally made..i am disabled now waiting on ssi decision since 1997 i have been to jail 2 times and had to post 500 dollars bond..when i seen my children crying i said no more i have to pay the 50 dollar a month or i will go to jail..

So far i am current with my 50 dollar a month but i am still 10000 dollars in arrears..every month i pay 50 dollars it only goes down 30 som dollars and the rest goes to interest.. At this rate ill never pay it back..the most recent thing going on is an affidavid of accrued support to seize and sell my i never even had a blood test for this mother in law after i went to prison in 97 signed for the papers from the sheriff..i never even new about them....i really need help...they cannot take the little house god blessed me with to raise my 6 children....i pay them every month to avoid going to jail...what can i do...

4000 is back child support and 6000 is just interest....if they would take off the 2 yrs i was in prison that would wipe away 4000 of it...i am disabled like i said im a good father i would have been a good father to the other child had i known or had any rights..please let me know what to do..i am a beat dead dad...not a dead beat dad ..she is 21 now and pregnant i heard why are they trying to take my home..that my wife and i worked hard for before i became children would be i also stated earlier i do pay the 50 a month..ill never pay it off..

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