Child Support And Genetic Disorder

by Lissa
(Blaine County, OK)

My son is 11 months old. We he was born, we decided I should not return to work due to his genetic disorder, PKU, wherein his food, formula and Phe levels must be monitored closely. His blood must be taken weekly and sent to th

The state lab in order to prevent the disease from causing him developmental problems and even retardation. It is crucial in the first 5 years of life and the first year especially that his Phe levels are not high or too low. Therefore, the doctor's appointments alone prevented me from returning to work.

This disease also causes many other health issues and we would have to attend various specialists for other medical problems. My son's father has provided financial support in the first six months he was fairly regular with sending money, but the past six months he does not provide any assistance to me only buying diapers, wipes and toys.

He refuses to help me make my car payment or pay my insurance and controls every aspect of my life. He has been physically abusive even while I was pregnant and is a very hostile, angry person if things do not go his way.

He provides me no relief in babysitting and criticizes all my mothering skills, yet never offers any help with the baby. During the first six months, while he was working out of town, he was living with another woman and never would just let me go.

He has caused me finanical hardship in that I may lose my car, the only means I have of taking my child to the doctor. I AM LEAVING THIS MAN and need to know where to start, how to avoid any violence and how to get child support assistance NOW.

I have been interviewing for jobs again and hopeful of finding something soon, but will not have any certainty of finding a daycare capable of dealing with the genetic disorder guidelines, etc.

Please offer me some advice as to emergency financial help from the government, state, etc. Everyday it gets worse and I will not subject my child to this any longer. The father has the means and says he has contacted an attorney to fight me.

I pray to hear something from someone soon!

Lissa Smith

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by: Anonymous

First want to say i hope and pray things get better for you. As far ad getting financial support you can go to your local Child support enforcement dept. let them know your situation and fill out paper work needed to recieve child support and medical support from the father.

Also as far as getting benefits from the state go to the local human services dept. fill out an application for assistants they can help you with TANF(Cash assistance), food stamps, and medicaid. If you let them know your situation im more than certain they will give you cash assistance or more.

Hope this Information was usefull to you.

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