Child support and custody

by Tate
(San Diego )

My husband had a child support court date yesterday but the mother got the date changed. But while he was down there they ran his numbers and told him he is going to be paying between $700-$900 a month unless he gets his visitation changed before the next date but he already has a case for custody but he can't serve her because she lives in another state and will not give him her physical address only the p.o. She says the court has it but they won't send it to her. We have text messages from her where she says many of times that she could have stayed in the military if he would have been better or done more.

So she is just sitting around collecting child support she has a son that she gets paid for. We are trying to get full custody since she can't provide her daughter because if he has to give that much we won't be able to live but she doesn't care. We have talked to many lawyers but they want their money up front we can't afford 3000 up front but are more than willing to make a payment plan anything we just want to do whats right and fair for him and his daughter.

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