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by Lambert Lorette
(San Juan Bautista, CA)

My son has the typical arrears payment difficulties, so I'm looking around for assistance with the daunting legal situation.

The thing that absolutely baffles me is your failure to be clear about how to get to the "$27" a month program.

You said:


You should not continue to go through CSE to get this situation resolved. They have thousands of cases, so your case is not a priority. You should definitely seek out some legal counsel for your situation and this is where we can help.

>>>Please read our Legal Help page on the nav bar to your left. It's in two parts, so be sure to read both pages."<<<

In your "recommendations" you tell the person to read the "Legal Help page" on the nav bar, and be sure to read both parts. But, THERE IS NO "LEGAL HELP PAGE"!

Whenever you work up a path on a site, you very much need to get a few people off the street to try to navigate the path, because typically, you become so involved in your work that you can't see beyond your own point of view. If they become confused, and start asking questions, as I am now doing, you need to clarify your directions. Good communication means the website visitor is able to go the area you want them to quickly and easily. >"The legal page" < There is the button. You press it, and get to read about the lawyers experience and their story...

But what shall I do, since the button as you describe it doesn't appear on the left? Press each and every bar from top to bottom,even the ones that don't pertain to arrears, or don't appear to? WHERE IS THE "LEGAL HELP" BUTTON?

Now that I've decided to sign up, you make it very difficult and irritating for me. A less patient person would have left the site already.

Is it Services? State Laws? Modifications? Arrearages?

Definitions? Resourses? Records? About our Team? "Ask a

question" - no, that can't be it; Visitation? - that's

probably not it;Fathers(sic) Rights? (It should be

Father's Rights); Enforcement? -that's probably not it.

Ah, site-map. Surely that will be it. Apparently the writer was mistaken about the "Legal page" being on the "nav bar on the left", but, it's probably on Site-Map!

...It can't be VIP memberships, so I'll just go to the site map. D**m, it's not on the site map either! Where the h**l is it?

I'll try home. I thought I was on the home page, but maybe I'm not...- no, the same nav bar is on the home page - and, there is nothing on the home page about, "our Legal Help page"!

So, I guess it's like a shell game...I'll just have to go through each button, and hope I find the "Legal Help page".

So now, I'm going to send this off to you. When I'm through going through all the buttons, I'll tell you if I found the "Legal Help" page.

Cheers, puzzled, L

PS Didn't you learn in school to check your work? If you did, didn't you usually find instances where you thought you said something in your paper, but when you go over it, you find you actually said something else?

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Our Legal Page
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Lambert,

We apologize for the confusion, but we have removed our legal page from our menu or navigation bar. That page is now for VIP members only.

We appreciate your letter, but you could have simply left a comment on the page you were on and we could have updated that comment. We have hundreds or even thousands of comments, so we can't trace back to that post.

Again, sorry for the confusion and let us know how we can be of further help.


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