Child Support After Step-Parent Adoption

by Misty

In 2003, my boyfriend and his wife were divorced. While he was on deployment, his wife remarried, and his children were adopted out from underneath him, all the while, he was on the other side of the world, and was not informed of what was going on until it was too late.

That has been 7 years ago. He has not seen his children, and has no rights. When he discharged from the army and came home to Indiana, he fell right back into his job at UPS, and immediately child support started coming out of his check. When he went to the child support office to have it stopped, they told him he had to pay the fees that they charge, for the last 7 years, before they would have the child support stopped. That's almost $400, and they take $122 weekly from his check. That's been ongoing since March, and his ex wife will not do anything to stop the support, she continues to just take the money.

We cannot afford to get a lawyer to fight this, so he is trying to do it pro se. Is there a form that I can find online to stop the child support, and maybe even wave those fees? This is ripping his heart out, because not only is it hurting us financially, but it's reopened the wounds of what his ex wife did to him while he's away.

Please help!

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