Child Support After Age 18

My grandson is 18 and still has one more year of high-school, Will his father be obligated to pay until he graduates?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Yes until he graduates from high school. Unless a divorce decree states otherwise. Do you have custody of the child?


18 and support
by: Anonymous

I am wondering the same thing as the Child support Recovery cut my daughter off at 18 this month and we are now fighting in court with our own attorney as Iowa law is thru highschool. What a mess! She will be a Senior this coming year.

I read your comment
by: Anonymous

Not true with me, my daughter was cut off this month after turnign 18 adn I fought with the Child Support Unit knowing the law and knowing I was right but due to her being born in 1992 and the law being 18 a that time until 1997 when it changed to 18 or highschool graduation whatever is last. I got so screwed and now paying an attorny for their mistake!

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