Child Not In Home With Mother So What About Child Support

by Danny

Hello, I have a 15yr old daughter whom I pay child support to her mother for. I found out 1 day ago that 10 days prior my child was put into a home for depressed teens and I was NOT told or contacted by anyone at all. I know my child's mother constantly fights with and tries to have my child put into juvenile. I need to know what the situation is with my support. Do I have to continue to pay support to her and the child is not in the home and won't be for an undetermined amount of time.

She's going on spending sprees and buying new cars and cloths for herself meanwhile my child has been kicked out of her home 2 wks ago. Also I have visitation rights w/ her and I need to know how to get access to her medical treatment and anything to do with her being there because I do care she's there and her mom tells them not to give me any info. on her and they don't. thanks

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Danny,

You should contact the facility where your daughter is residing and ask to speak to a counselor or human resource rep. They should be able to answer your questions about the child support. Also if you want access to her medical records you must have court ordered visitation. Do you have this legally?


I do have legal papers/visitation
by: Danny

yes I do have legal visitation with her and believe I have a right to have my questions about my child answered but I am told that the mother doesn't want any info. released to anyone but her and her mother. They say there sorry but she's the custodial parent and they have to honor her wises concerning the patient privacy act.

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