Child Living With Me So Stop Child Support

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My 13 year old daughter has lived with her mom the last 13 years. The past month and a half she has lived with me. It has been agreed upon between her mother and I that she will now come live with me for school purposes. This is also what my 13 year old wants. We are agreeing with everything but I am still pay support while she is living here with me. Is there a way to stop support until the final agreement is done in court? Or do I still have to pay support while she is living with me full time to her mother?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

I would advise that you still pay. You do not want to face the issue with it falling into the arrears. Legally it is not an order yet. Why did you take your daughter early? Why not wait until it is legal?


are you serious?
by: Anonymous

You see the answers and mindset of the STAFF?? asking a parent "why did you take your chid?"
You can only imagine what kind of monsters work for the agency.

I'm in the same boat maybe worst!
by: Anonymous

My son has been living with me for the past 2 years
since he was 13 now he is 15 years old and I do still paying child support. 3 months ago I took her to court to stop the child support and guess what the out come is!
The court told me return the child to his mother even the mother said no .
Now my son is living with me and she received child support payment to support her man and she is laughing at me while she having sex with her man

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