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I am a divorced father of two children. I make a fairly decent living and have never been late on my child support in the four years that we have been divorced. In the orders it says I have to pay 50% of any child care expenses. The problem I have is that the ex is on a set schedule but when she needs to save for a trip or wants to work her whole weekend the sitter fees go up double what I pay. For example by court order I pay $1,000 a month for two kids plus around $88.00 a week for day care expenses. I have the right to take the kids when she works but....I have to work and work more to just support myself with these fees. Is there a cap for child care so I am not always broke even with a decent salary??

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Child Care
by: Child Support America Team Member

We are unaware of any cap. However a judge can order anything especially child care within reason. You may want to consider going back to court and get the order changed. Have you talked to your ex about this situation?


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