Chickens Coming Home to Roost!


Howardour popcorn and beer for this one. About 2 weeks ago my ex wife filed a pfa on me for a threat I made against her regarding the safety and welfare of my 2 kids I have with her. She knowingly had my kids around a drug addict, hence my threat.

Now don't get me wrong, the threat towards her was wrong and I acknowledge that. Here's where everything gets interesting, we go to the hearing, she has her lawyer I have mine. She tries to take this pfa forum and use it to obtain full custody of my kids and get child support. We currently have shared physical custody of the kids which I myself instituted because this prize of a woman didn't show up for the custody hearing!

As a matter of fact, the judge offered me full custody but I turned it down. Anyway, so she tries to use this pfa as a means for getting custody and support as I stated earlier. Her lawyer as well as my own had to explain to her that this wasn't possible because pfa's are an entity separate from custody, and also separate from child support in PA.

As it turns out, I loss my job about a month ago due to significant time missed from work because of my daughters illness. However, the ex wifes intent was to try and take away my kids just to seek support and has been trying to get support from me ever since my kids were born even though I've paid their healthcare and childcare, along with food, clothing, and whatever else they may need.

The funny thing about it is, because she is employed and I'm no longer employed and we have shared custody, she now owes me support! Is that not retribution? Lol

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