Charged as abandonment

by Mario Bryant
(Alexandria, VA)

My name is Mario I just left Stafford, VA JD&R court where I was given an amount of 18k money owed as "rearrage", even though there has always been a "joint custody agreement" in effect, signed by the same judge, 2.5 years before that. On that agreement that stated that the mother and I split the pay of two weeks of daycare, pampers, and alter doctor visits, and holidays.

I presented three years of Bank of America statements recording every daycare payment, Walmart order for pampers, etc. We both bought clothes as needed, that we liked. So, there was no clause that stated that if I or herself left the country there would be a support to take effect, or any other stipulation.

I went to Afghanistan for 8 months, and presented the copy of my passport to the judge, who apparently didnt even look at any of my information presented during the interrogatory stage. Somehow this clown calculated 18k in the rears, even though I was still paying my sons' daycare, SKYPING for communication, as visual visitation, buying pampers, wipes, and clothes, yet I get hit with abandonment and 18k, plus a current $659 per month in CS.

He must've used my gross pay, when as a contractor, he should've used my base pay, as they do the military. That can't be right, and my attorney was all to timid or scared or something. Give me some advice, as I am getting ready for an appeal with a more aggressive attorney. I should have been the easiest client, because I provided the attorney 3 years of receipts in the form of bank statements, etc. What to do, who to talk to?

meb sr.

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