Charged 16000 Dollars Back Child Support

by Joshua

My ex wife filed for divorce in 2006 we were separated a year or so before we ever went to court. But I paid here child support every week until we went to court in the mean time we had several disagreements and my things were stole from me such as important documents and my child support receipts anyways long story short we finally go to court to set child support and the judge ask her how much I have paid her for our children during the time of separation she says 250.00 so the judge figures up that I'm behind 16,000 dollars now she had no proof that I didn't pay her and I had none that I did I don't feel that this is legal so can u give me some pointers?

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Joshua,

If you were paying the money directly to your wife then it DOES NOT count as you paid any support. Legally it is considered a gift. Were you making your payments through child support?


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