Cash and medical expenses

by Kim
(Warren County, Ohio)

I am the residential parent and the father and I were not married. We have a son age 15 and he has been with me since he was one. He sees his father every other weekend and one day per week. I have been self employed for 14 years and have no access to medical insurance. Any medical expenses come out of my pocket. He has had insurance once or twice in the past but that was short lived. Isn't he required to pay half of my son's medical expenses? I did see where the laws changed in 2009 regarding cash medical payments but I do not know how to enforce this through the CSEA. He has recently started his own business and is self employed also. He is about $7000 in arrears right now. It has been an ongoing fight to get support let alone help with medical expenses, and he was recently found in contempt. He was able to purge the previous contempt charge this January and is going to be in contempt again in about a week for non-payment again. Without getting into all the issues my case, I just need to know how to get payment for out of pocket expenses such as dental, eyeglasses, physicals, x-rays, etc. Thank you.

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