Cant Find Out Anything About Daughter

by Dan

I have a 15yr old Daughter who 1 month ago was placed in a home for unruly/depressed teens by her mom and I wasn't told. I found out by her grandmother 2wks after the fact and her mother refuses to give me any information about her or her condition. I contacted the place she is living and was told without permission from the mom or a code only the mom has, they refuse to give me any info on her at all. I clearly stated I had court papers stating I had legal visitation and parental rights just as the mother and they still refused and said if the mom won't consent I'm out of luck. Also my child support is going to the mom and the child support office wants proof my child is there and not with her so they can send the support to the place she is living. But I can't get it due to the fact no one will give me any information or even confirm she's there. What do I do I am desperate to find out about my daughter and have her support actually supporting her and NOT her mom.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Dan,

Do you have a court order for visitation with your daughter?


by: Anonymous

Not meant for you Dan so much as the CSA person. Dan stated he has papers showing he has a legal right to visit. Do you people even take time to actually read these things cause if not you are being truely no help. Dan Check with the family courts or with legal aid maybe they will be able to find out for you. Good luck.

To Anonymous:
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Anonymous and Dan,

We do read all posts and we must have missed the point of this submission. We respond to hundreds of posts, so please bear with us.

Also thanks for chiming in to help, because that's also the point of providing this platform.

To Dan: It looks like you should also obtain legal help for your situation. If you indeed have paperwork for court ordered visitation, you do have many rights. Especially when it comes to seeing and knowing where your children are staying.

You can also refer to the links below for additional information on this matter.

Take care,

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