Cant Cancel Child Support

by edward hull
(cocoa florida)

Ok me and my girlfriend have a two year old daughter and i just got an income deduction order and went to child support enforcement and they said that someone is getting food stamps for my daughter she lives with my girl and her mom but i buy food for my daughter but i guess her mom is claiming my daughter for food stamps can me and my girl do something about this? plz be specific if u can

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Cancel child support
by: Anonymous

Your Girlfriend can have them take your daughters name off her moms case for food stamps. They must have your girlfriends permission to get stamps for your daughter. If your daughter lets them know at the income support division then lets the child support know she was takin off the case they should not deduct from your pay checks. She may also want to let the child support know you to have an agreement and you pay for everything. In most states if a child is on TANF or Medicaid they will go after the non custodial parent for support. Let them know you two are together and your girlfriend goes off your income not her moms.

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