Can you reopen or open a new child support case


My husband was paying child support to his ex, but the child had dropped out of school, she is 18 now - so we got the case closed.

Now the child has moved in with us & we put her back in high school to get her high school diploma.

My question is... can we reopen the existing case, but have the ex pay us child support now??? Or if we can't reopen the case & have it switched because she's over 18 we can not open a new case???


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re open
by: Anonymous

As Long as she is still going to school you should be recieving the child support. In most states you can recieve child support till they are 21 still going to college. since she is still in school to get her diploma i dont see why you can. Information listed below of the numbers on minnesota if you dont already have it. Good luck

Minnesota Department of Human Services, Minnesota Child Support Online
Local: (651) 431-4340 • Toll Free: (800) 657-3512 • TTY Local: (651) 431-4342 • TTY Toll Free: (888) 234-1208

Thank you
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Anonymous,

We just wanted to thank you for helping out on answering some of our visitors questions. We really appreciate it, and feel-to continue to provide your child support expertise.



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