Can they take his tax returns in AZ

In Arizona my boyfriend is PAYING on arrears and is current on all arrears and child support but still has a balance of 26k, However, my questions is can/will they take his federal & state income tax returns? and if we get married can they take mine too.. We have two kids together so if he claimed them would his ex wife get the tax return for them too?


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by: Anonymous

She shouldnt be able to get back what he gots on your two children. Especially if he gets the unearned income for those two, but the ex can get his tax return if he owes in arrears. Call a look tax preparer and ask them how everything is done they can give you more information. No need to give them your name just ask them how it is done in AZ. Im sure they do plenty if cases like yours. If you two got married yes they will take you return as well.

yes they can
by: Anonymous

I am a mother of 2 children. Ages 10 and 8 years old. My 10 year old son went to live with his grandma and grandpa (my parents) for a couple years. I was unaware that I was supposed to be paying child support on my son.

In 2010, i received a debt set-off letter from the state of Kansas. I was behind $5,000.00 in child support. My federal income tax for claiming my other child was around a little under $5,000.00

DARN RIGHT THEY WILL TAKE IT!!! The state took my entire $5,000.00 federal return! ALL OF IT!!!! I was so mad!! I got caught up though.. so yes, mothers pay child support too..

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