Can they make me pay twice

I am the NCP (mom) in CA. Husband and I were together 18+ years. We have 3 daughters. He hasn't worked since 2005. I am permanently disabled since 2005 and getting SSDI since 2006. Since he has the kids and no income he gets cal=works and food stamps. He gets their monthly bebefit allotment from my SSDI.

I get a letter from LCSA saying I am in arrears since October they want to be replayed his welfare checks!

SSDI sends him the same amount that the courts ordered in support >so how am I responsible for the repayment? Now they are threatening the usual stuff, like garnishing my measly 1137.00 a month to pay back the state for welfare checks that a lot of people get free and clear.How is this fair? I am in the position of most Dads and its not the CP fault, this is all the state of CA.

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