Can The Father Sign Over Rights Without My Consent

I am 31 weeks pregnant, the first day I learned I was pregnant I told the father of my child. He said he will pay half on abortion I personally don't believe in abortion so that wasn't a option for me. He told me if I didn't have an abortion he would have nothing to do with me or the baby. And would sign over all rights so he wouldn't have to pay for child support. Can he do that without my consent and if so would he still have to pay child support being that he did help make the baby. And how would I go about collecting child support would that case have to get started after giving birth or is there a way to get it started before hand.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

No he cannot sign over rights and actually even if he did it does not exempt him from child support. The only exempt would be if you remarried and your new spouse legally adopted your child. What you should do is the minute your child is born contact your county child support office and open a new case. If your ex continues to deny paternity, the county will order DNA tests and he will be court ordered to take them. If the child proves to be his, he will be ordered to pay child support. We wish you well on this matter.


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