Can i move states legally?

by Lacey
(Tacoma Washington)

I want to leave my long term boyfriend of 9 years. We have a 4 year old son together. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon where i have always lived...but recently he had us move to Tacoma Washington because he closed his business and we couldn't afford to live there anymore with out his parents help. well we really need to separate because of lots of reasons.. and i would like to move back to Portland with my son of course. I want to ask the courts to make him pay for child support. Can he fight me on moving so far away with our son? Is there some sort of law that says i cant take him out of the state? I thought i heard that before.

Thank you,

any advice on what to do would be great. Ive never done this before. and i know its going to be a fight.


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