Can I lower the monthly payment without the mother present?

I am unemployed and have been since child support was established. I am ordered to pay $129.12 for my one son, he will be 2 years old in October. His grandparents on his mother's side have joint custody with her. They have him 24/7 she is not there often. Can my child support be lowered and paid to her mother instead of her? She has not bought him a single thing but two packs of diapers in about 8 months.

I can guarantee she can not provide proof that she spent all the money on the card on our son each month since she has started receiving the money. I do not get to visit him because they want me at their house to see him and will not let me have alone time with him. Can't I get visitation rights because I pay my child support every month?

It is hard to pay almost $130 a month when I am unemployed and have to live with my father. I believe I pay $130 because she lied to them about something and that's why it is so high; I used a child support calculator for Ohio and it says I should pay $50.

Neither her (mother of child) or I (father of child) work; no prior children/marriages; our son does not go to day care; she has free insurance for her and my son.

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