Can I get past child support interest forgiven?

by Douglas
(New Ulm, MN..USA)

I have been paying around $1200 a month on (4) children for the past 10 years. (3) different mothers. In Minnesota I have (2) children which I recently got the amount reduced from $485 to $289 because I am on unemployment. I have another daughter that just turned 18 in May 2011 and owe her mother $700 arrears and then she is paid off. I also just payed off a $33,000 arrearage to my oldest sons mother.

With all this said, I am still facing a little over $7000 PA Arrears with Blue Earth County in Mankato, MN.

Now I believe the original $2300 "lying in costs"(?) (for my daughter who just turned 18...she was born in 1993) has accrued to the $7000. I wasn't able to make payments for about seven years and they charged 18% interest which made it $7000.

I have heard that I may be able to file some type of motion with the proper court and ask for the interest to be forgiven.Meaning I would only have to pay back the original $2300.

I still have two children to pay on for several years yet and I have been suffering quite a long time trying to make ends meet, and never have any money to spend on the kids when they come around so dads place is kinda "no fun". They understand the financial situation but nevertheless mom always has money doesn't.

I have tried hard to be a good father and could use a break with the interest charges.Then all I would have to do is concentrate on paying off the last two children along with the $2300 PA Arrears.

I lost my job in late 2009 which I was making $16.80 an hour. I doubt I will find a good paying job like that again, at least not in the near future. Grossing $2600 a month.... less 15% taxes, less 65% child support, netting $800 a month is not a dead beat in my opinion. Now I only receive $1500 month UI which I only net $528 of that and $972 goes to support.

One other thing that puzzles me is now that I am done paying off $33,000 to IA. why are they "overpaying" the other two mothers?
$289 + 20% arrears =$346.80 which is $86.70 a week
$252 + 20% arrears =$302.40 which is $75.60 a week

My weekly unemployment check is $375
They take $243 a week and leave me with $132
Is it because I am in arrears? Am I right that it should be current support "plus" 20% arrears? (Minnesota)

I am more interested in finding out how to get the back interest charges forgiven...that's about $5000.

Thank You for any help you may provide....

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