Can I Get A Break From Ex Avoiding Child Support?

by Ashly

I have been divorced for 4 years this month and have a 7-year-old son together. In July I finally got a court date for him not paying Child Support. In WI you have to wait 120 days without any support before they will legally do anything.

He was held in contempt of court for not notifying the child support agency of his address change and for not paying child support. I hadn't received a payment since the end of January. The judge told him he has until the 5th of every month to pay $402.00 or he will go to jail, either voluntary or a warrant for his arrest.

I only received $184.00 as of the 5th of August so I called my child support agency and asked "now what." Apparently he has another 10 days to make a payment before the Judge will sign a warrant! So not the 5th of every month the 15th now. So then I called them on the 15 and said "not what." She said he sent in a check but did not sign it so we are sending it back and we will call him to make sure he sends it back.

So now not the 15th but when. So they are giving him another chance. Now he is a week behind for August already, wonder how he is going to get away with it this time. The judgment for back child support is over $7300.00 and he only has to pay $10 on it a month. That will take forever.

I cant get his tax returns intercepted because he has another child who he had while we were still married that I didn’t know about and owes her $11,000.00 to but nether of the parents have the child. My ex’s mother has been raising him for the last 3 years and he has not sent a penny to her.

They keep letting him get away with this and he does not understand that it is affecting his children. He loves his kids so much that instead of paying his child support he got his kid’s names tattooed on his fore arms.

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by: Anonymous

It's a terrible shame that your ex is avoiding child support and getting away with it. I have heard so many situations like this and its a crying shame!

Keep your head up because he will not get away with this forever. Keep working the system until it works...

I feel the same way
by: Anonymous

My ex is over 12K behind and I feel like he keeps getting an additional 10 days for some reason or another. it's annoying.

Get Used to "now What"
by: I'm Dizzy...

My Ex husband is 28,000 in arrears. I have had to fight for a better job to support three children because he only pays enough to stay out of jail. Every three months he sends in 50 or 100 dollars to appease the system.
I get punished for barely enough to cover all expenses by the lowering of child support he must pay.

It's a merry go round of "now what" and has been for 18 years. My daughter is 18 and twin sons now 17. I just found out that the state "bows out" after my children are out of school and I get to sue him for the arrears.

Great...not only do I not have money for a lawyer, I make too much for good scholarships and I make too much to be on govt help. I also am under poverty level to raise three children.
He doesn't drive, never fishes (LOL), will never go out of the country...why don't we take away something that really means anything...REALLLY!!!

WEEEEE...round and round we go!!!!!!!!!

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