Can I collect child support from US citizen?

I was in a relationship with a person who is a US citizen and we decided to have a baby. I left USA when I was 4 months pregnant. We stayed in touch and when the baby was born he came to Macedonia to visit. He stayed few days and went back to USA. When the baby was 3.5 months old he came to visit again and stayed 7 days. Three months after that we got into a fight because he didn't want to put his name onto baby's birth certificate and we broke up. He suggested to pay $300 per month for child support and I accepted. We decided he'd make CS higher as the baby grows older. But 6 months after he called me to say that he wouldn't be paying CS anymore because his new girlfriend was pregnant. He lives in New York, has his own business, house, boat... Is there any chances I could collect child support from his? I live in Macedonia and I don't work anywhere.

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