Can I Collect Back Support From Self Employed Boyfriend

by Jody
(Columbus Ohio)

My daughter is eight years old I have very rarely got a support check from my ex boyfriend. He works under the table making plenty of money. He has had his drivers license taken,yet refuses to pay anything but maybe 100. or so every now and then. He knows by making these minute payments he can stay out of jail. He has recently purchased a fairly new truck which is in someone Else's name yet supposedly cannot afford child support payments. He will offer to "loan" me money if I let him see our daughter against court orders. He was ordered to take a parenting class, anger management class, and alcohol and drug abuse class before he can resume supervised visits. I cannot afford a lawyer as I only make barely enough to pay rent and utilities. If it weren't for food stamps we couldn't eat. My Mother and Grandmother have to buy her school and play clothes. What recourse is there for me to take.

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Child Support Questions

Hi Jody,

Sometimes you really have to place pressure on your caseworker at Child Support. By calling frequently they tend to get balls rolling. There can be liens placed on all his bank accounts etc. His license did get suspended. Ask your caseowrker if he can be taken back to court for contempt through child support. They can take him to court for you at no cost.


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