Can I Collect Back Child Support In Racine Ohio

by Wendy
(Racine OH )

My ex husband and i have been divorced since 1996, in our divorce papers it was agreed that he would pay 259 a month in child support. We reconciled 3 years later and i signed to stop the child support at that time because we moved back in with each other. We split up again 2 years later and he didn't want to go through the child support agency so he asked me if we could do $300 a month and he would have his employer take $150 directly out of his checks every 2 weeks and directly deposited into my checking, i agreed. At the time he had just started a new job and we got along so i was ok with it.

Through the years he has gotten remarried twice and still only paid the $300 a month which i was fine with as long as he helped when needed as the years past he helped less and less until it stopped completely 2 years ago. I thought that if i wanted the child support i would have to hire a lawyer and i couldn't afford to do so so i never preceded with that. My brother had a friend that works in the child support agency in the county i live in and so i called him to ask and found out all i needed to do was sign a paper to sign back up for the correct child support i should have been receiving, so a year ago i did so. My questions is can i go back and get back pay for all the years he wasn't paying the right amount?

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Hi Wendy,

Yes, as long as the order was in effect. From whatever time the order was legally in place then you can report the arrears owed to child support.


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