Can I Cancell My Child Support Appeal

My ex husband was awarded $459.00 a month for having our child one day more a week than I do. He has him for 4 days and I have him for 3 days. I filed an appeal because I think that it is way too much for one more day a week. Now he is saying that he and his lawyer are going to take me for $700 a month.

I have another child from a long ago relationship that I still have to support and I have $500.00 more a month in bills than my ex husband does. My ex husband and his attorney has me scared to death. So I wanted to know if there is any way to cancel the appeal and just pay him the $459 a month, so that my child support does not go up any more than it already is.

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Yes You Can....But Wait
by: Child Support America Team Member


Yes, you can cancel your appeal , but you may not want to do that just yet. Before we offer some advice, we need to know if you have a lawyer for yourself?

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